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About Us

Our Mission


  Our mission is to invite parents and children into a warm and loving environment. We want to work in partnership with our families and the community to immerse the children in our care with an abundance of experiences to help guide children to their highest potential. We will do all we can to provide support for all parents, as they are the most important people in their child’s life. We will keep up to date in our understanding of child development and create our program and program planning through the interests of the children.

Our Vision at the Bee Hive is to continue to be a respected partner in the community in caring for children. We value the teamwork established between caregivers and our families and appreciate the supports offered in our community as a crucial part of our programming. Together we will help mold individual children in our care to develop strong values, skills and self-confidence to carry with them into adult hood.

Our Philosophy


  Here at the Bee Hive we believe in an environment where all children and families are welcome. We thrive from the variety of backgrounds each family brings into our setting. We all share the same passion and desire to help guide each unique individual to their highest potential. By programming through the children’s interest in a play-based environment we are able to capture endless moments of creativity and problem solving. Children are assisted in appropriate social interactions and we respect the vast differences each child has in adapting to new environments. We save large portions of the day for open centers and believe strongly in outdoor play for large motor activities. 

We believe in role modeling the desired behaviors we would like to see the children imitate. We find the most effective way in guiding children’s behaviors are through redirection and assisting the children with the words in solving their own conflict; role modeling affection and validating feelings in these situations is crucial. Our goal however, is to be aware of the environment and children at all times to prevent dilemmas from occurring beforehand. Through teamwork with parents we see children blossom into confident beings that will, through the years, learn appropriate expressive language and empathy towards others. 

Parents are welcome anytime and are encouraged to have open communication with any of our staff. All input from parents is encouraged and in partnership with parents we want what’s best for your children! 

The team here at the Bee Hive feels honored to be a part of each child’s life that we care for. We understand the responsibility in creating strong emotional bonds and relationships as a detrimental foundation for healthy growth and development.

We are Non-Profit


The Bee Hive Child Care Center evolved out of Manna's house originating as a family day home in 1998. 

When the need for child care in Picture Butte and surrounding area grew higher than the capacity that Manna could provide on her own she took the leap of faith and started a daycare out of her home. The name was changed from Manna's Day home to Manna's Daycare in 2002.

Again, the need grew larger than her house could provide so we moved over to the 'B' Hive, 2007. 

Mr. Brouwer, the previous owner, believed in community and was proud to provide a space for different groups to utilize his building. It was a pretty popular gathering place for community clubs so he would often say the building was, "as busy as a Bee!" After his name "Brouwer" and the buzzing community he supported, the name "B" Hive came alive in the late 50's. We wanted to honor this history and keep Mr. Brouwer's community spirit living on within this building so we changed the name from Manna's daycare to Bee Hive Child Care Center.

Seeing the changes occur within the province of Alberta in terms of early learning and child care (ELCC) we felt it was very important to turn the daycare into a non-profit Society. 

We believe "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" so we embedded that core principle into our bylaws when creating the society (2017).

It was extremely important to us to have representation on the Bee Hive board of directors from:

#1 the parents, because we know that they're the most important people in a child's life! 

#2 the community, because we believe in the reciprocal relationship between community and providing a service, and know that each needs to support the other to thrive. 

#3 the educators, those passionately working towards providing quality ELCC for children and their efforts in building relationships with the families we serve.

Together we will ensure that the daycare will continue to flourish and be a special little gem in rural Southern Alberta.

Thank you Picture Butte, 

it has been an honor to serve you.

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